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Category Archives: Nokia N91

Hi all,
I would like to share some information with ya all!
If you using a nokia phone and willing to know some thing more other than calling and text (sms) pls read further.

*#06# – Get the Serial Number/IMEI.
structure of the IMEI : XXXXXX XX XXXXXX X
• TAC = Type approval code
• FAC = Final assembly code
• SNR = Serial number
• SP = Spare

*#0000# – Get the SW version
• V 2.20.008
• 21-02-07
• RM-43
• N91 (58.01)

*#2820# – Get the Bluetooth (BT) device address
*#62209526# – Get the MAC address of the WLAN adapter, this information is only available on the new models (S60 3rd edition) which have WLAN.
*#92702689# (WAR0ANTY) enters into the warranty menu – this code doesn’t work with all series 60 phone -.

WARNING : here is the list of some dangerous codes; use them with care, I’m not responsible for any damage …

*#7780# – Reset to the original settings; some information may also deleted and need to be re-entered.

*#7370# – Soft format – this will resets all the phone memory (like re-format a disk); make sure to have full battery charged !